Artist Statement

I believe dance is an ontological process that lives amidst the intersection of action, imagination, inhibition and thought. My work seeks to exalt the nuances of the individual by magnifying and clarifying the distance between the mental body and the corporeal body, in turn illuminating the intersection of the private and public spheres of the individual. Through verbal, non verbal and inter-subjective language, collaborators process and provide lenses into their realities while in dialogue, collision and agreement with shared space and time. While exploring the privacy of the body, we strive to locate the language of our anatomical home.

Structurally, my process looks to the nature of puzzles, maps, equations, systems of urban sprawl, and the current infrastructures of our American Cities. As a choreographer, I am informed by concepts of "instant composition" as understood by contemporary artists, Julyen Hamilton and Maya Carroll, as well as the philosophers of ontology dating back to Parmenides of Ancient Greece, Immanuel Kant and Descartes. Performers are challenged to navigate a plane of existence through a taut, mechanical, classically informed vocabulary, framing the dancers as molecules originating from the same complex structure. 

My process houses an inclusive environment where collaborators are forced to confront and reshape the conventional methods of creation by distributing and exchanging the roles of leader and supporter. In consequence, a collective brain is built, giving agency to all artists involved and providing them space to make decisions.  




Originally from Southern California, Caitlin Adams is an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, performer, and teacher. She holds a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from the California Institute of the Arts. Her work has been presented at Prospect 4/New Orleans Art Biennale, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Machine Project, Highways Performance Space, Roy and Edna Disney CalArt's Theater (REDCAT), Human Resources LA, Bates Dance Festival (ME) and NY Art Book Fair through Printed Matter (Chelsea). As a performer, she has had the pleasure of working with Daniel Charon, Colin Connor, Laurence Blake, Sean Greene, Denise Leitner, Meryl Murman, Zoe Scofield, Kate Wallich/The YC, and Doug Varone. 

Caitlin works on a wide range of projects, collaborating with composers, visual artists, filmmakers, and performers. Her process lives amidst the intersection of action, imagination, inhibition and thought. Caitlin had the pleasure of organizing a community space, rehearsal studio and DIY venue in Chinatown, Los Angeles called Dynasty Center from 2015-2017. Currently, she is the artistic director and choreographer of emerging NYC dance company, heid + co that premiered their first work in April 2018 at Gibney Dance NYC as a part of Performance Opportunity Project (POP).   

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