Artist Statement

I believe movement allows the body to simultaneously engage with every muscle, bone,

synapse, emotion, present and past life. I dance because it is life in the purest, most embodied form – dancers have a secret that must be nurtured and revealed.

I make ambitious work surrounding grandiose processes whether political, cultural, philosophical, biological, mathematical. I generate endless equations, and versions of the work's central language and concepts. I tackle the underbelly of relevant issues, looking at what is at our current societal core. I ask myself: how can I flip patterns or trends to create products without limit? I aim to create worlds of multiplicity while remaining specific within the sacred space of development. Structurally, my process looks to the nature of puzzles, maps, equations, systems of urban sprawl, and the current infrastructures of our American Cities.

My work deals with the process of remembering, and how we identify and work with our memory. It is often a disorienting environment for dancers. In order to ignite a fire within my collaborators, I ask them to rely on each other to understand where they are in space and time. My studio process initiates the birthing of a collective memory. The moment I begin a work is the moment a new body is developing, and this body has memory, bones, fluids, a life to accomplish, and a map to locate. In creation, I succumb to a plane of reality beyond my physical body. Dance has the power to capture how we relate to the people around us, and for me, it is important to capture collective memory as an instinct within the work, rather than a concept.

When I invite a dancer into my process, I must feel an unexplainable sensation – an energetic lightning bolt toward their fullest expression of themselves. It is like meeting a partner, a lover, a best friend. I am drawn to dancers with strong opinions that enjoy the process of composing. I require the highest level of artistic investment, collaborators who are confident in their artistry, articulate, rational and idealistic. I need to see an ability to lead, listen and support. I am drawn to dancer-collaborators with a sense of humor, sense of intellect, sense of spontaneity, and strong sense of nuance.

HEIDCO, my NYC-based dance company is currently creating work as a continuous portrait of collective action, a tangible manifestation of our mission for social equity and participation.




Originally from Southern California, Caitlin Adams is an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, performer, and teacher. She holds a BFA in Dance Performance and Choreography from the California Institute of the Arts. Her work has been presented at Prospect 4/New Orleans Art Biennale, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Machine Project, Highways Performance Space, Roy and Edna Disney CalArt's Theater (REDCAT), Human Resources LA, Bates Dance Festival (ME) and NY Art Book Fair through Printed Matter (Chelsea). As a performer, she has had the pleasure of working with Daniel Charon, Colin Connor, Laurence Blake, Sean Greene, Denise Leitner, Meryl Murman, Zoe Scofield, Kate Wallich/The YC, and Doug Varone. 

Caitlin taught dance at Ramon Cortinez High School/Grand Arts and Lulu Washington Dance Theater with CalArts Community Arts Partnership, CAPSA. She was resident choreographer of Silverlake Children’s Theater Group from 2014-2017. Currently, she teaches Creative Movement in NY Public Schools with arts organization, Together in Dance.   

Caitlin works on a wide range of projects, collaborating with composers, visual artists, filmmakers, and performers. Her process lives amidst the intersection of action, imagination, inhibition and thought. Caitlin had the pleasure of organizing a community space, rehearsal studio and DIY venue in Chinatown, Los Angeles called Dynasty Center from 2015-2017. Currently, she is the artistic director and choreographer of emerging NYC dance company, HEIDCO that premiered their first work in April 2018 at Gibney Dance NYC as a part of Performance Opportunity Project (POP). In their inaugural year, HEIDCOhas performed at Arts on Site (NYC), NYC Poetry Festival, Jennifer Muller/The Works, Gibney Dance NYC, Triskelion Arts, and Spoke The Hub.  


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