METALBODY is a dance-theater piece that transports audiences into a structure that questions, empowers, and reimagines democracy. Through varying methods of choreographic organization and movement patterns, viewers witness the four lead dancers become the superheroes of their organizational structure - they are leaders, supporters, rebels, ecstatic, tragic, and invincible. The choreography is sequenced with improvisational moments, gesture, falling, momentum, and nuanced classical vocabulary. The vocabulary is exaggerated, body percussive, repetitious, mathematical, and augments within the span of the work, establishing these characters as larger-than-life. METALBODY is centered around a quartet with one narrator. The narrator does not speak but through her body and point of view, she guides how we understand and witness the world MB inhabits and its inhabitants. The dancers/collaborators are Kristyn Arch, Maggie Beutner, Erin Bishop, Kelsey Greenway, and Tariq Mitri with sound and musical composition by Zack Vidal and Zach Crumrine.